Machinima, Ultra Detail Partnership In Upfront Pitch To Advertisers

Machinima logo

(from Billboard Magazine, April 25, 2013) Machinima, a YouTube network channel, went to its first event in front of advertisers in New York. They target towards teenagers to 30-year old adults with their video game content. They said that their consumers are big movie goers as well, so their target market is specific. Machinima has partnered with Ultra Records due to their success earlier this year with their advertising on YouTube. Ultra musical acts, such as Deadmau5 or Calvin Harris, will cross over with “Minecraft” and its users will be able to access both of these features at once. Ultra’s Head of Digital Strategy, Dan Ghosh-Roy, says that they consider themselves more a media company than a record label, which is what rendered them to join up with Machinima. The partnership has helped Ultra to be more creative with their advertising by combining Machinima with their music.

The partnership was designed to create more leverage between these types of consumers. Users will be able to take in this content in a completely different way. Ultra plans to reach 30 to 50 million viewers with the 210 million users that already use Machinima’s channel. Gaming is largely impacted on a global basis and can drive enormous numbers if used correctly. Machinima’s advertising and sales group has increased from one person to 50  people in the last year, so their success is obvious to Ultra. They expect their client base to increase with the partnership, not just the movie and video game users, but with other media outlets as well. Since the typical “gamer” has been known to be predominately male driven, both the companies are trying to get rid of the stereotype. With the televisions shows ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ they are attracting a new culture to this industry. Machinima and Ultra plan to break down the barrier and combine their successes to create a new idea in the gaming world.