Spotify Acquires Music Discovery Service Tunigo


(from, May 3, 2013) For an unannounced amount, Spotify has purchased the music recommendation service, Tunigo. Tunigo is a Swedish program that provides listeners with music news releases, assists them in finding music playlists, and informs them of other new releases. Since the introduction of apps on Spotify, Tunigo has been a Top 10 app.

According to a Spotify spokesperson, the purchase of Spotify fits into their “overall strategy around music discovery.” Tunigo helps listeners navigate through its catalog including almost 20 million songs. The Tunigo app will continue to be a segment of Spotify and the employees of Tunigo will work out of the Spotify offices.

For music discovery services and their investors, the procurement is good news. The services and features that Tunigo supplies makes the vast quantity of digital music more navigable. The market for these types of services is growing.  Twitter is also looking into the market since it purchased We Are Hunted. This led to interactive charts of new, popular music called Twitter #music. The Beats Electronics, which will be coming out with a new, on-demand service titled Daisy, is planning on differentiating itself through improved forms of services.

For digital music, discovery is the future. Digital music services have been striving to make navigation easier for their listeners. They have tried to make it easier for listeners to find music that fits their interests and moods. Spotify began its early years by making users find music themselves through social networks.  In November 2011, Spotify began outsourcing music discovery to outside developers. Spotify has recently extended the ability for users to follow artists, similar to following friends on other social networks.

Tunigo echoes the development toward music discovery simplicity. Songza, an internet radio service, let users pick what music to play based on their moods. It also allows people to pick music playlists based on their activities. Tunigo will recommend playlists based on mood and genre. No matter how music playlists are chosen, people are connecting to music differently.