Oregon Opens $68M Football Complex

145,000 square foot video board at University of Oregon's Hatfield-Dowlin Complex

(from Venues Today, September 4, 2013) In late August, finishing touches were made on the $68 million Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, located on the University of Oregon’s campus, adding a gigantic video board in the lobby. The video board is made up of 64 Planar MX55 LCD display TVs measuring 55 inches each. The board is operated by two Mac minis which have the capability of broadcasting the same thing on all 64 TVs or showing 64 different programs at the same exact time. It represents a great welcoming platform for the University of Oregon Ducks’ football team, visitors, recruits, and coaches.

“The cool thing is that you can see it from the street. At night it especially stands out because of the videos and the glass windows. You can see it as you drive by,” states Senior Associate Athletic Director Craig Pintens.

The massive screen, which measures 145,000 square feet, took overseers at Hoffman Construction about three months to implement and took Firm 151 Interior Designs 18 months to build. The video board requires 16 Planar quad power supplies, 20,000 feet of power and video cables, 16 video boosters, and 600 feet of 4-inch conduit to operate.

The video board is just another impressive element to the long list of amenities the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex offers. The six-story complex is spread over three buildings, connected by a skybridge, with huge glass windows that allow the rest of campus to get a great view of the Ducks’ two practice fields. The complex also boasts a 60,000 square foot weight and training room, theater-style film room designed to fit 170 Ferrari leather seats, 200-seat cafeteria, a player’s lounge with Italian leather furniture, Playstation consoles, game tables, and a custom barber shop with equipment imported from Italy.

Billionaire alum Phil Knight and his wife, Penny, are credited with paying for the complex. Randy Stegmeier, Firm 151 Interior Designer, was “able to search around the world for the best quality in every facet of the interior design.” Stegmeier claims, “One of the reasons we arrived at some of those product choices was that we combed the globe to find where the products were crafted very well. We wanted to use only products that were going to be the best and have the best technology for the spaces we needed to use them for.”

The Oregon Ducks entered the 2013 college football season as the third ranked team in the country, so the question now remains how much the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex will improve the athletic program in the long run, especially when it comes to recruiting. “We focus on the student athlete experience at the University of Oregon and that’s what we feel like we have. That’s what we’re selling to the potential recruits,” states Pintens who remains optimistic about the program and its future recruits.