Social-Powered Tickets: Customers Who Purchase Through Social Links Attend More Concerts, Spend More

(Social-Powered Tickets, Billboard, September 06, 2013 10:01 AM EDT) It only takes one second to click and share a link on a social media which is why marketing efforts displayed on social media sites are proving to be rewarding.  Social Media websites provide links that allow anyone to access them, creating a vast audience for ticket sale promotions.  Social media allows users to share concert information with the click of a button.  Providing online ticket sales help to launch the sales of concerts for big companies like Ticketmaster and Live Nation.  “According to information shared exclusively with Billboard, concerts accounted for 62% of all Ticketmaster purchases during a three-year period while sporting events represented 15%, arts accounted for 17% and family represented 6%.”

Those who are heavy users of social media are kept up to date on the newest events and news, upcoming concerts being one of those.  Concert goers can then share posts about the event they go to, which in return spreads the news of the event.  Facebook and twitter are marketing areas that companies are choosing to utilize because those sites allow users to directly buy tickets online.  Users can also buy with friends and see the concert announcements through social sites. Ticketmaster has taken full advantage of online ticket sales by allowing buyers to reserve seats and to virtually place themselves in the selected rows at the venue.  Its many features continue with the power to upgrade tickets and to allow people to see what seats are still available within the venue.

Social media has increased the sales of tickets online and has also brought more revenue to ticket companies and the venues.  It has become one of the leading marketing tools and is an efficient way to reach a large audience.  With proper use of social media and advertisements, companies can set themselves apart from the competition by successfully advertising through social media sites.