Some Super Bowl Advertisers Commit Super Early

Advertisers are rushing quickly to cease slots during the 2014 Super Bowl.

(from USA Today Money, September 4, 2013) The Super Bowl is still five months away, but four major advertisers have already announced their commitment to broadcast commercials during the live event. On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, Dannon declared their slot in the line-up and set their plans to further market the Oikos Greek Yogurt brand. Even though the yogurt producer is not the first to join, they will be on the same stage again as Anheuser – Busch, Intuit, and GM. When discussing advertiser’s involvement in the Super Bowl, David Campanelli, director of national TV at Horizon Media, said, “It’s a little surprising it hasn’t been this early in the past.”

The rush for involvement in the epic event results from return on investment (ROI). With advertisers are paying record-high prices comes added pressure to rationalize their investments with documented sizable returns. For instance, FOX is charging $4 million per 30 second slot. Dannon spokesman Michael Neuwirth said, “We want to make an investment where we can realize the growth that comes along with it.”

Many factors also produce successful attributes for large companies claiming early. Luckily for Dannon, Anheuser-Busch, Intuit, and GM, their early spots will now provide easy access into diverse advertising reporting months before the game. Also, when announcing in advance of TV buying season, large package deals take place for these purchasers. In addition, with consumers being actively involved in social media, marketing divisions are beginning to interact with customers via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to broadcast their involvement with the Super Bowl.  By purchasing early, many companies can then publicize their own plans instead of someone else. Ryndee Carney, spokeswoman of GM, preferred claiming early in order to avoid reading comments made by ad agencies, media buyers, or network folks.  Most importantly, corporations set their sights on the game early to create ads that stand out and are shown at the best capability. With the 2014 Super Bowl to be held in Rutherford, New Jersey, the backyard of ad agencies, David Campanelli believes additional high visibility will be added for each advertiser.