10 Things the Music Industry Needs to Know About Fall 2013 TV Season

These channels shows are linked with the music industry

(from Billboard, September 13, 2013) This fall the only show that will be producing original music is NBC’s newer show “Nashville.” It is the only program with original music due to NBC cancelling their show “Smash.” The fifth season of Fox’s “Glee” does not use originals tracks, but it is the only one that is guaranteeing new recordings. ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and the CW’s “Hart of Dixie” are two programs where contemporary music can still be heard. Besides the music competition shows, such as “American Idol” and “The Voice,” there are only three shows that are really focusing in on the music appeal. These shows include “Nashville,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Glee.” With thirty-one new shows on the lineup this season, the music industry has many areas to track.

The first show that the music industry should keep its eye on is ABC’s “Lucky 7.” It has decided to reveal its musical flavor as soul. They will be using songs by Marvin Gaye, the Staple Singers, and David Gray. “Glee” is going to be featuring 14 Beatles songs in the first two episodes of the new season. NBC’s “Ironside” wants to pull in a younger audience by adding hip-hop and rap music into the show. “Nashville” says that it is going to start using different types of music alongside its normal lineup of country songs.

NBC and ABC have developed ways for viewers to find the music used on shows and in promotional ads. They want to keep their supporters informed about the music, not only the shows. The first thing to be cut out of a budget is music. This had caused more shows to use music from independent artists. The music or score is very important to the story of the show. For this reason, many shows will put out soundtracks of the music used during the season. The last three things that the music industry needs to know about are mid-season shows, guest performances on a comedy, and composers and hour-longs.