Concerts to Cure

Melodic Caring Project ususes music and concert events to show support to kids in hospitals.

(, September 17, 2013) One event can spark something so big it turns into an entirely new organization. That’s what happened when Levi Ware put on a special concert to benefit a girl with leukemia. Roughly 300 people attended this benefit concert to support this young girl, but because of medical circumstances, she was unable to attend the event. Right before the concert started, Ware set up his laptop to stream the concert. The girl in the hospital was able to see the performance as well as the crowd who had come to support her. Ware called the girl after the show, and he was touched by how much the concert stream affected her. “The fact that everyone was there and able to support her – the emotion really translated well across the live stream…It was really impacting for her and in turn really impacting for us as well,” said Ware to Pollstar.

As a result of this one event, the Melodic Caring Project was established by husband and wife duo Levi and Stephanie Ware. This Seattle-based, non-profit organization helps kids and teenagers in hospitals find support and entertainment through concerts. There is a whole production that comes along with these events. The Melodic Caring Project uses many high tech cameras and technology to be able to create television quality production on the road and in real time. They also book concerts at Internet available venues or utilize their own hot-spots to ensure the shows are as live to the patients as possible. The organization also takes care to see the kids will have immediate support around them in the hospital. Melodic Caring project transports anywhere from 300-1500 people to watch the concert with them.

The kids aren’t the only people that get something out of the concerts; the performers do too. Artists such as Brandie Carlile, Brett Young, and Kris Orlowski are just a few who have had the opportunity to be involved with the Melodic Caring Project. These events let the artists see how big of an impact their music and concerts can have on someone’s life.