For Loyal Fans, A Spot on the Floor?

Stone Walkway

(from Sports Business Journal, September 9-September 15, 2013)  The NBA teams from Cleveland and Milwaukee are hoping their new plan to put season-ticket holders’ names on their courts will get approved.  They were the first teams to take this innovative idea to the NBA to start a new tradition in fan recognition.  This plan involves the teams getting the names of these ticket holders who are a part of their loyalty programs and having them put along the edge of the court.  They want to use it as an incentive for fans to become season-ticket holders and increase ticket sales.  “Putting fans’ names on the floor would be akin to what teams typically have done outside their venues, selling bricks on sidewalks or walkways where fans can have their names appear.”  As enticing as this proposal may be, the NBA is still trying to work out some “kinks” in this rewards system.  They are unsure as to if they should offer this reward to existing members or new members.  They also do not know how they want to apply the fans names to the court.  The choices for that are painting them onto the floor or put the names on decals.  Although the names would not be visible by the television cameras, the NBA still has to make sure the names are not cluttering the court and causing a distraction during the game for both fans and players.  The NBA is supposed to reach its decision and release the official rules of the program by the start of this basketball season.  The Bucks and the Cavaliers may have paved the way for the future in rewards programs or have started a debate potentially leading to failure.  Either result will soon be discovered.  Other NBA teams are waiting to see how popular this incentive program becomes before implementing it in their own arena as they still are skeptical.