Insane Clown Posse’s Gathering of the Juggalos Facing Financial Difficulties

Insane Clown Posse's Festival is creating unrest with the vendors.

(From Billboard Magazine, September 21, 2013) A recent outdoor festival in Southern Illinois called the Gathering of the Juggalos has left many vendors complaining about not being paid the thousands of dollars owed to them by the promoters. The promoters “pledge” they will find a way to “pay the tab.” Several of the vendors complain they have been receiving bad checks from those publicizing the festival.

Jerry Fricker, Hardin County Sheriff in Illinois, received checks from promoters Psychopathic Records, Inc., but the checks bounced. Fricker would not specify the amount of the checks, but he referred to the amount as “decent.”

One of the major vendors for the festival, Event-Tex, has been supplying power generation and distribution for the festival for the past three years. Event-Tex has issued a “provisional warning to other industry professionals” about Psychopathic Records and its affiliates. Event-Tex claims that a check for $54,000 from Psychopathic Records has not cleared the bank.

The owner of Event-Tex, Patrick Gail, explains that this year has been different. They never had a problem with receiving payments for the festival in the past. He also claims that many other vendors have not been paid for services, either. Patrick Gail was quoted in a statement saying, “The total amount owed from our discussions with the vendors exceeds $300,000.”

Psychopathic Records issued a press release that states, “Putting on a five-day music festival this ambitious is a very time consuming and expensive process…in our attempt to provide the best possible event…expenses exceeded estimates and expectations.” The statement goes on to say the company putting on the event still plans on paying these financial obligations and taking care of all of the vendors.

Tens of thousands of people attend this festival and the festival is seen as an economic boost to the region, but because of the recent events a great deal of unrest has surfaced.