Jay Z and Kanye West Tours Doubling Up in Key Cities

Jay Z and Kanye West set to embark upon solo tours.

(from Venues Today, September 17, 2013) Jay Z and Kanye West are quite the popular duo in hip hop. Touring together in 2011 to promote their joint album, the pair received a gross of $50 million — the most ever made during a hip-hop tour. They will be parting ways this fall, however, to embark upon solo tours. The two are hitting many major stages within just weeks of each other, forcing venues to put in extra effort. While potential ticket sales are through the roof, venues are worried concert goers won’t pay for tickets to both performances as they are scheduled very closely and the two artists attract analogous audiences.

Each artist is paired with a different promotion agency for the tour:  Jay Z with Live Nation and Kanye West with AEG Live. The two companies must be willing to compromise with the venue in order to reach their fullest potential of success.  One of the biggest challenges surrounding the two events, according to General Manager Amanda Mann of Houston’s Toyota Center, was negotiating the dates tickets would go on sale while still showing each agency equal attention and understanding.  Although no official agreement was made between the two concert groups, West’s release date was pushed back to allow for promotion of Jay Z’s almost immediate sellout.

To make up for some guests potentially choosing only one concert to attend, Toyota Center’s manager of event marketing Mandy Walsh has targeted populations outside of the normal Houston market. Radio stations reaching outlying cities will help promote the artists in smaller markets. Walsh still believes, however, fans will buy tickets to both events. Because they are both during the holiday season, some believe audiences may be saving money for Christmas instead of concerts. Others, like Walsh, are certain concert tickets will be a common Christmas present. For now, everyone will sit back and watch the pieces come together.