Lorde Storms Toward the Throne of Pop Music


(from USA Today, September 24, 2013) At the early age of twelve, New Zealand native Ella Yelich-O’Connor signed a development deal with Universal Records after impressing a representative with a video from a talent show. It wasn’t until last year, however, that she really entered the scene by releasing her EP, The Love Club on SoundCloud for free streaming. Most recently, her single Royals has been climbing the charts. The song is currently at number three on Billboard Top 100 and has also hit number one on iTunes.

The uniqueness of her stage name comes from a childhood fascination with royalty. Yelich-O’Connor stated, “Everything that happened to a royal family, in, like, the 17th century is just absurd, but cool.” Her silent addition of the “e” following the traditionally spelled “Lord” was a way to create more of a womanly sense.

Lorde, as she is known, doesn’t want her fans to have to settle. She believes that, “So much of the music that’s on top 40 radio is so dumb, and people aren’t that dumb. People settle for that music because that’s all there is in pop.” The artist has a couple of theories on the reason people connect with her music. She says, “There’s not a lot of reality in pop music sometimes. It can feel quite detached from people’s lives, and so that was something people appreciate about my music maybe. But also, it’s super, super simple, which is kind of refreshing.”

Pure Heroine, her new record will be available this Monday and is not currently streaming on VH1. “The (new) record is quite different from the EP, musically, in that I just have kind of grown up a bit since I wrote the EP. I’m better at making beats and writing songs and stuff. The material feels more mature. I think its way better than the EP,” she explains. The new album will be simple as she doesn’t like for albums to “drag.” It will have only 10 songs, including Royals, and will be only 37 minutes.