Siren Sounds for Passionate Hockey Fans


(from Sports Business Journal, September 23,2013) When the goal light goes off at a hockey game, it brings chaos among the crowd.  So Fan Fever, a relatively new company, has come up with a new series of licensed products that are derived from the goal light in a NHL game. They wanted to give their fans a way to bring the experience from the game itself home with them.  Eric Stoneman, father of the Goal Light and its product family, grew up around hockey his whole life. One day after watching a Blackhawks’ game in his basement, he came up with an idea for a simple red light bulb containing a siren resembling the one at the game.  He took this brilliant idea to an off-shore toy manufacturing company in order to get it on shelves at local NHL arenas as quickly as possible.  In July 2011, a NHL license was given for Stoneman’s product, and it now comes in many different versions with over 30 horn sounds from NHL arenas around the United States.  Today, the Goal Light is sold in many different retail locations including Kohl’s and Amazon.  In Chicago a large chain of hockey retailers, Gunzo’s, was the first to stock the Goal Light. The owner of this store, Greg Kostner, saw the Goal Light during a Blackhawk’s Stanley Cup game in 2010 and knew he had to start selling them in stores right away. By the next season of hockey, Kostner had the product placed at cash registers at the front of stores where customers could not get their hands off of them.  Since taking off in retail in 2011, the Goal Light has already been re-created by several other companies that try to make them even better than previous ones. For example, last year Budweiser Canada offered the market a new goal light that was able to sync to the consumers’ favorite NHL team making it more personal for fans. Re-creations of the Goal Light keep fans pumped and excited about hockey and make it so the production of the Goal Light is truly “a formula for sales success.”