StubHub Unit Kicks in When Orders go Awry

Stub Hub is correcting minor problems

(From Sports Business Journal, September 16, 2013) StubHub is running into a problem known as WISMO, which stands for where is my order. Many people are finding out that the major ticketing franchise StubHub is running into problems of not taking tickets off the market when they are already sold. This is due to the selling of tickets on multiple websites and the seller failing to take the listing down right away. When this problem arises, the StubHub’s sourcing group comes in and establishes a way to find comparable tickets that will still satisfy the buyer.

If the customer is still not satisfied, then StubHub offers replacement tickets on behalf of their mistake. If the buyer is still not interested, then they receive a full refund from the tickets. StubHub’s Chief Operating Officer Noah Goldberg strives to have a well-coordinated staff in order to keep the customer happy. Noah stated, “Empowered staff help you make happy customers, and happy customers deliver long-term financial results.”

Due to having thousands of tickets for sale at various events, finding a ticket that is comparable usually is simple. In a situation where they could not find a comparable ticket, StubHub will either bill the seller or take the loss itself. All of the company’s transactions are monitored in case of problems that could be resolved immediately before the order is finalized.

Back in the earlier years of StubHub, they had to ship tickets through FedEx which was not the ideal approach to them.  In 2004, StubHub hired a bicycle messenger in Chicago that would carry up to 15,000 dollars worth of tickets. StubHub has been successful because they always put their customer first and make sure that the customers are satisfied at the end of the day. StubHub Co-Founder Jeff Fluhr had an approach that if something goes wrong, then make it right. He also said, “That’s just elbow grease and long-term commitment to the customer that ultimately pays dividends in the form of trust and loyalty.”