The Future of Nashville


(from Billboard Magazine September 28, 2013) There have been five new start-ups in Nashville that stand out as innovative technology businesses.  These businesses represent how Nashville is evolving with new age technological advances.

The first business, Noise20Trade, is a way for artists to get fan info in exchange for a song.  The information provided, specifically email addresses, helps an artist to understand who their fan base is and monetize that information by selling merchandise to those fans.  They are in the business of growing fan communities.

The second company, Artist Growth, is a database of scheduling and touring for artists and their managers.   It has advanced filtering systems that allow for specific data information to be displayed.  This also houses financial information and business information. This is the first of its kind in the industry.    The presence in Nashville has been key in the success of this growing company.  It has allowed the company to have access to and win the support of local musicians.

The third start-up, FLO{thinkery}, is a business that is good at starting businesses.  They have helped artists launch start-up companies.  This has done quite a bit for the music branding of many artists such as Kenny Chesney.

The fourth company, Songspace, started as a social media site for songwriters but has evolved into a network that contains a database of song information for artists.  It helps them organize their music and the information behind their music such as “co-writers, splits, and performing rights.”

The fifth company, MusicSynk, is an “online platform that facilitates synchronization licenses.”  This business helps with copyrights and licenses for streamlining the process of hooking a songwriter up with a licencor.  The fact that it is based in Nashville helps MusicSynk to understand more about the process and in turn make their product better.  This site respects both parties and really gives consideration to making sure it is a win-win process for all of its users.