Hospitality Sales Brisk at Presidents


(from Sports Business Journal, September 29, 2013)

Tee off for the 2013 Presidents Cup is less than two weeks away, and that means last minute plans are being finalized all across the board. This tournament in particular, however, presented Matt Kamienski, Executive Director of the Presidents Cup, with a unique challenge:  finding and selling hospitality offerings to local businesses. This was a challenge for Kamienski due to the fact that Muirfield (hosting golf course) has already hosted the Jack Nicklaus Memorial Tournament earlier this year, meaning that businesses that bought hospitality offerings or donated to hospitality tents are being hit up twice.

Despite this obstacle, Kamienski says that sales are brisk and have been extremely successful up to this point. These hospitality offerings are private packages sold for groups of 40, 80, or 125 and include large white tents setup on every hole from 9 through 18, except for the 10th hole due to lack of space. The tents allow spectators and private members to relax in a tent while the tournament is going on. While this may sound easy to do, it’s not cheap by any means; hospitality packages start in the high five figures, some exceed $200,000. A presidential suite, for example, would run $225,000 for 2,000 square feet to accommodate 125 people; however, food and drink is not included. At this point, the only spaces available are for six to twelve people at much lower costs.

As a result of the success from local businesses and donators, Kamienski has decided to add video boards all around the course that will allow viewers to step out of their tents and view scores, watch live video feed, see player bios, and more. This will also help distinguish the Presidents Cup from the Jack Nicklaus Memorial Tournament where they continue to use score boards that are updated by hand. The Presidents Cup will have a total of 25 boards, ten of which will be showing scores only while the other 15 show all other content. All in all, the 2013 Presidents Cup is shaping up to “Provide a unique backdrop for people to entertain,” according to HNS Sports Group President, Dan Sullivan.

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