Katy Perry’s ‘PRISM’

Katy Perry talks about record setting success.

(from Billboard Magazine, September 27, 2013) After record-setting success and personal loss, the pop queen sees the light and roars back to the top. Today Katy Perry has stepped outside of the smoke and mirror balls. Sitting on a couch in a rehearsal studio in Burbank, California where she prepares for a live appearance at the iHeartRadio Music festival in Las Vegas, Perry carries only a fleeting resemblance to the cotton-candied persona she’s crafted during the last five years.  She is wearing zero makeup with her hair pulled back and sporting black Adidas workout tights and a faded hoodie over a “Christian Death Metal” T-shirt. She more resembles an art-student undergrad on her way to the gym than, well-known pop star, Katy Perry.

To get ready for the rigorous routines of the new stage show, Perry has undertaken intensive training regimens. “I am exhausting so much energy right now,” Perry exclaims between bites of Cheez-its. Perry has spent the past week conditioning at the height of her physical capabilities. Hunger and drive have characterized Perry’s career up to this point, and despite past triumphs, right now is no different. The bar keeps rising with the rapid ascent of “Roar.” At this point all metrics suggest “PRISM” will equal Teenage Dream’s multi-platinum trajectory, but Perry doesn’t take such rosy projections to heart. “It’s a comfy spot to be in, but I can’t get too comfortable,” she says. “Otherwise, I’ll lose perspective.”

In November 2012, when she was honored as Billboard’s Woman of the Year, she joked that her “upcoming adventure” with her new record deal would be a change of pace. “I just have to let you guys know my Saturn has returned, so it’ll be ugly.” The cathartic experience to which Perry refers is the tumultuous dissolution of her short marriage to British comedian/actor Russell Brand-unflinchingly captured in “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” a combination of autobiographical documentary/concert film that proved another Perry win.  It had worldwide ticket gross exceeding $32 million according to Box Office Mojo. Perry was inspired; she stated, “When you lose something, all your foundations crumb-but that also leaves a big hole that’s open for something great to come through.”