Spotify Throws Its Weight Behind Artist Marketing


(Billboard Magazine, October 1, 2013) Spotify, the world’s largest subscription music service, has recently launched a new artist marketing program called Spotlight. According to Steve Savoca, Head of Content at Spotify, the program will be “the banner under which we put these artists we partner with.” Focused on helping to break out new artists, Spotlight would have access to Spotify’s 6 million subscribers and an additional 18 million monthly users. The company has already chosen its first two artists to be featured: the trio Haim and singer Lorde.

Through Spotlight, Spotify is getting more involved with music discovery in a unique way not using algorithms or other tools that are typically used to introduce listeners to new artists. They are also making a statement to the music industry showing the company’s ability to influence careers and that Spotify will be an influential gatekeeper. Savoc says Spotify has “wanted to make a clear proposition on value for quite a while.” Already Lorde’s song “Royals” has appeared on the Billboard Hot 100.

The slots for a Spotlight campaign will be broken up into three categories of music popular with Spotify listeners: pop alternative, EDM, and alternative hip-hop. Users will experience the campaigns in many places across the Spotify platform. Users will receive notifications through email and social media as well as through many third-party partners such as Soundrop or Landmark.

There will be a limited number of slots for a Spotlight campaign with there only being one or two global artists per quarter. The team that works with Spotlight will also develop five to ten artists per quarter on a smaller level.

Spotify has already proven with artist Cazette that they can have a successful impact on an artist. After Spotify partnered with the group, Cazette peaked at #14 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs chart and consequently was signed by Universal to a newly created dance label in the group’s home country of Sweden.