Arrowhead Stadium Loudest in NFL

Decibel Up

(from, October 14, 2013) The Kansas City Chiefs officially broke the world record for the loudest outdoor sports stadium on October 13, 2013. They reached an enormous 137.5 decibels within the final minutes of the game against the Oakland Raiders. “To put that in perspective, a jet engine at 100 feet is about 140 decibels,” according to The Associated Press. Clark Hunt, the chairman of the Chiefs, even explained to the press how challenging it can be for a team to keep on playing in such a loud environment.

This was clearly true for both teams at Arrowhead. The stadium was so loud that both teams were having a difficult time hearing each other on the field. For example, the Raiders received eleven penalties attributed to the fact that they could not effectively communicate with their teammates. The plan to set the record was originally the  idea of the Chiefs’ fans, but they had the whole organizations support in doing so. In fact, the organization “paid $7,500 to fly an adjudicator from Guinness to Kansas City to document the effort.” Towards the end of the game, the adjudicator was not sure if they were going to be able to set the record.

“In the fourth quarter, they got to 135.4, and that’s where we thought they were going to finish,” Philip Robertson, the adjudicator, said. “Heads dropped, but then the fans really started working together.” While the fans were working together to beat the record, the coaches were struggling to successfully converse with their players. To make sure the calls were being heard, Chiefs’ safety Eric Berry had to literally yell the calls in some of his teammates’ ears. Head coach Andy Reid made a statement saying he felt the ground move while the stadium was at 137.5 decibels. Even quarterback Alex Smith stated that he was having a tough time communicating with his teammates while on the sidelines, but said it was all a pretty special sight to see.

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    Yeah aaaaooowwwWWWWW! Still the Loudest! 142.2!