NFL, VH1 Prepping Six Pre-Super Bowl Concerts

The NFL and VH1 are teaming up to give Super Bowl week a series of concerts.

(from Billboard Magazine October, 14, 2013) Taking advantage of next year’s Super Bowl location is becoming a lucrative deal for the NFL, VH1, and Super Bowl sponsors. Super Bowl XLVIII, which is being held at the Metlife Stadium in New
Jersey, will be preceded by a series of six concerts that have been organized by a partnership between the NFL and VH1. The concerts will be performed the six nights before the Super Bowl and will each have a location in one of New York’s five boroughs and New Jersey. The NFL and VH1 have plans to broadcast what they are calling “The VH1 Super Bowl Blitz” live each night.

The shows will also have free tickets given away within days or the day of the concerts. This is to make sure to reach those that will be in town specifically for the Super Bowl, and hopefully this will enhance their overall experience in the area. VH1 Network executive Rick Krim said, “There’s gonna be a lot of people in town that week, and we don’t want [them] to be left out.” The shows are able to give away free tickets by making deals with the talent that ask them to charge less than they normally do in order to take advantage of a guaranteed gig that, according to a top sports and music talent booker, will be “reaching a young or college audience.” This is in comparison to the fact that the Super Bowl Half Time Show is not a paying gig despite sponsorship from Pepsi, Co.

The concerts do not have talent booked yet, but the partnership between VH1 and the NFL has previously brought in such artists as Maroon 5, Train, and Rihanna. The musical acts that are booked will all play indoor concerts and will be playing in smaller venues than they normally would.