Renegade Pop Star


(from Billboard Magazine, October 12, 2013)

Sky Ferreira, 21-year-old pop star, signed to Capital Records when she was 16 years old. Ferreira started to discover herself and her sound in her debut album, Night Time, My Time. The album’s debut single, “Obsession,” was resented by Ferreira because the song did not match her personality. There was no connection to her own personal tastes as she explains, “When I first started to record I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and I had a lot of people in my ear telling me what I needed to do…I’ve learned that every time I really don’t want to do something and I do it anyway, it doesn’t work out well.” There was a disagreement between Capitol Records and Ferreira about the direction of her career because even though she may have a number one hit, she doesn’t make music with the radio in mind. “There are songs that you can listen to 40 years later and it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s still a really good song’…The quality of something matters more so than the quantity of sales,” explains Ferreira.

In 2012, Ferreira had a major breakthrough with the song “Everything Is Embarrassing” which she co-wrote with producers Devonte Hynes and Ariel Rechtshaid. The song generated about 2.8 million YouTube views between Ferreira’s channel and Pitchfork’s channel; Pitchfork named the song “Best New Track.” In late 2012, Steve Barnett (new Chairman/CEO of Capitol Records) brought new opportunities for Ferreira whose looks and reputation by then had made her a “darling of New York’s downtown fashion and art scene.” Another important person within Capitol Records is Dan McCarrol, President of A&R; McCarrol has worked with Ferreira for two-and-a-half years and says that, “She’s very intuitive, goes after what she wants and gets it done…She’s been really patient and hardworking and knows what her fans want from her.”