Bleacher Report Enters Another New Phase












(from Sports Business Journal, October 21, 2013) Bleacher Report has experienced many stages throughout its existence, and now the highly successful sports website prepares itself to take the next step. This will be its third modification, and there will be two major strategic themes: more mixing with Turner’s televised properties and a continuous effort to set the general sports news schedule. Due to an enhanced editorial roster, increasing digital traffic, and Turner’s crucial NBA and NCAA men’s basketball tournament coverage approaching in the next five months, Bleacher Report is expecting to experience much greater success and evolve more in the sports web site industry. Matt Hong, Turner Sports Senior Vice President, explains, “We’re looking forward to really expanding the scale and scope of what Bleacher Report is.” Bleacher Report is expanding their editorial staff by bringing in some more experienced, well-respected journalists. A couple of these new faces include Howard Beck from The New York Times and Ric Bucher previously with ESPN. Although they were brought on the team as writers, they will also gain some experience on television as they will air on Turner’s TV Properties including NBA TV. Beck explains that he expects to make an immediate difference as he states, “The editorial mission is obviously changing. They didn’t go out and hire us to continue doing what the site has been doing. They hired us because we’re experienced journalists who can add a new level of depth and quality to the site.” Bleacher Report also plans to develop regular content features on its site such as its “Behind The Mic” video series. This feature, currently sponsored by Ford, has also attracted other dominant brands like Nike, Visa, Bose, and Pepsi Max most recently.

The new generation of Bleacher Report is set to be a guaranteed hit. Although they are taking another step into the next generation, Bleacher Report realizes that they must stay humble and always consider where they came from. The site has really evolved over the years, but at the same time they understand there is still a lot of work to be done in the future.