Report Spotlights Female NFL Fans

Female Fans

(from Sports Business Journal, October 14-October 20, 2013)  To most people football, or any major sport in general, has always been more of a “guy thing” to partake in.  However, due to a recent study done by the University of Central Florida featuring approximately 1,600 female fans, female interest in the NFL has brought new light to the clientele on game day.  The stadium is no longer full of guys drinking a beer and catching up with their buddies; there are more and more woman doing the same thing.

According to the study 72 percent of women feel that they are a “valued participant” of the NFL, and 30 percent say they have been a fan their entire life.  Woman today are becoming big fans of the NFL and sports in general.  They go to the game with a group of girlfriends, with their families, or with their significant other and are just as into the experience as any male counterpart.  According to Scarborough Research, women represent approximately 45 percent of the NFL fan base.

Women have been a big part of increasing apparel and merchandise sales, but at the same time they want to see more variety.  C. Keith Harrison of the University of Central Florida said they conducted the study to “learn more about the female decision-making process and overall experiences at NFL games.”  Although women view themselves as a big part of game day and its festivities, 28 percent of women felt left out of tailgating saying it is “exclusively male focused.”  Collectively, most women feel that having women only port-a-potties at tailgates would help enhance their tailgating experience more.  The University of Central Florida conducting this survey helps the NFL and other sports leagues recognize the rising diversity among their fans and work on new ways to cater to them.