Clarkson in the Red Zone

Kelly Clarkson "Wrapped in Red"

(From Billboard Magazine, Oct 26, 2013) Kelly Clarkson has always wanted to do a Christmas CD, and this year her Christmas wish is coming true. Wrapped in Red will be released on October 29, and RCA believes it will become an immediate hit based on Clarkson’s popularity and ability to cover different genres of music. The album will feature several traditional Christmas favorites with some new twists such as “White Christmas” and “Baby Its Cold Outside.”  To add to the mix there will be five original tunes including “Underneath the Tree,” which will be the first single combined with a video, and “Winter Dreams” which includes a 50-piece orchestra. Clarkson does all of her own backup vocals throughout the album and is supported by well known musicians such as Bill Withers and Ronnie Dunn. 

            The main marketing tool for Wrapped in Red will be a Christmas special that will air on NBC in December. “Kelly Clarkson’s (Cautionary) Christmas Tale” will include music from her holiday album with performances by other guests such as Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood who are also on the CD. As a former “American Idol,” Clarkson appeals to a broad TV audience, and combined with her success as a vocal artist, it is expected that the Christmas special will be widely viewed. For these reasons RCA believes the Clarkson CD Wrapped in Red will be the top seller out of all their new holiday releases.

The formula for releasing a holiday album along with a TV special has been highly successful in the past. Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton did the same thing in recent years, which resulted in high numbers of album sales and placed them at the top of the charts.  RCA believes that Wrapped in Red will enjoy the same type of response, especially due to Clarkson’s broad appeal to the pop, rock, and country audience, making it a classic holiday album even in years to come.