David Cook’s Move to Nashville Leads to ‘Eclectic’ New EP


(from Billboard Magazine, October 24, 2013) American Idol’s former champ David Cook says that he feels like it was forever ago since his victory on the show. He does not deny that the popular reality TV talent show was an amazing platform for him. Even though he has changed as an artist since he won the competition 5 short years ago, he still has great relationships with people behind the scenes. David states, “I couldn’t ever imagine ever turning my back on that. But as you grow as a writer and performer and all that, I feel somewhat removed form the person and performer I was five years ago on ‘Idol’. I feel like I’m a different writer and a different performer.”

Cook is currently on the road playing songs from a new EP that he plans to release in early 2014 and is currently tying up all the odds and ends. However, as the bulk of the EP is mostly done, Cook is hoping to get it recorded and out pretty quickly. This EP is not like Cook’s sophomore album where he felt a lot of pressure and got really “bogged down.” “It really took away from the enjoyment of writing and performing music,” said Cook about his second album. However, for his new EP, he has been focusing on his lyrics and wants every song to have its own identity. The new material is more “eclectic.” Cook has been trying new and different sounds, even different instrumentation that he wouldn’t have been as comfortable doing in the past. “I’m playing some keyboard live now; if you’d told me I was going to do that two years ago, I would have told you [that] you were nuts.” Cook is currently testing his new material out on the road including the single that was released earlier this year called “Laying Me Low.” He hopes to make another full length CD after the release of his EP.