Hollywood’s Go-To-Label: How Republic Reignited the Soundtrack Market

Republic Records

(from Billboard Magazine, November 2, 2013)  Since the release and success of “The Hunger Games,” “Les Misérables,” and “The Voice,” Republic Records has been actively working towards making a niche in Hollywood’s soundtrack industry.  “It’s our goal to be known in Hollywood as the go-to music company,” states Charlie Walk, executive Vice President for Republic Records.  Last year Republic released Songs from District 12 and Beyond which sold 480,000 units and Les Misérables which sold 331,000 units.  Both soundtracks hit number one on Billboard’s top 200.

At their current rate, Republic is surpassing all other major record labels.  This year alone Republic has sold 51,000 copies of a second edition of music from the film “Pitch Perfect” and has re-released Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” from the film launching it to number one on Billboard’s Adult Top 40.  Along with movie soundtracks, Republic has also included television shows on its list of projects.  In March Republic released a soundtrack to ACM’s “The Walking Dead” which sold 31,000 copies.  They also are expected to release soundtracks for television shows “Muscle Shoals” and NBC’s “The Voice.”

By integrating not only movies but also television shows, Republic can also expect ancillary income from DVD packaging deals when the television series release DVD seasons in stores.  Republic Executive Vice President of A&R Tom Mackay realized there was a passion level within the fan bases of certain television shows and movies that would create a counter culture for these television and movie projects and has worked to capitalize on it.  With music being used in more ways than ever before from soundtracks to movie trailers, Republic realized that it was a great opportunity to get exposure for their artists while building business relationships with companies in Hollywood.  “They’re cool ways to break our bands and at the same time make our partners … pleased with what we can musically build for them,” Mackay states.