Republic Records Blankets Radio, Goes Global With “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Soundtrack

Republic Records' Soundtrack is doing more than "Catching Fire"

(from Billboard Magazine, October 25, 2013)  Republic Records is taking a new approach to their soundtrack for the “Hunger Games” sequel. The company had relatively good success with their soundtrack to the first “Hunger Games” with Taylor Swift’s single that features the Civil Wars “Safe & Sound” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 back in 2012. This time around however, Republic is doing something a little different.

For starters, they released the first three singles at the same time over six weeks before the films premier. They also are adding some new artists to their lineup such as Lorde and the Weekend. For the second film’s soundtrack, the company made a list of artists and asked them to write songs that were inspired by the books themselves. Instead of one producer heading up the entire soundtrack, they decided to let the artists record the tracks by themselves. “On this one we wanted to get away from the concept of one producer producing everything,” said Republic Executive VP Tom Mackay.

With this concept, the soundtrack will reflect how the individual artists feel towards and view the story, and fans can connect on a closer level. Lionsgate’s Tracy McKnight explained further saying, “There are different sensibilities from each artist and it’s a nice reflection of what this story is about.”

Republic isn’t limiting the soundtrack to just American artists either. Songs by artists in Spain, Central America, Germany, Austria, and Brazil will be heard in their respective countries. “It’s something we didn’t do on the first one,” Mc­Knight says. “We did a lot of brainstorming with Republic and they reached out to those artists to facilitate that.”

This kind of collaboration across multiple genres and artists will bring an interesting variety of songs to the upcoming soundtrack. The excitement and readiness to partake in such a task is apparent from all parties. McKnight shares his excitement by saying, “It’s wonderful when you have a book that has reached people of all ages worldwide, and we feel like we’ve created an album where there’s something for everyone.”