On the Verge: Songwriter Bonnie McKee Ready for Spotlight


(USA Today, November 3, 2013) At 29 years of age, Bonnie McKee is no stranger to the Music Industry. She is, however, a stranger to the spotlight. She has written nine number one hit singles for successful artists such as Brittney Spears, Taio Cruz, Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, Carly Rae Jepson, and her close friend Katy Perry. McKee broke into the industry at the young age of 16, but it wasn’t an easy ride. She was signed with Warner Bros. and created her 2004 debut album, “Trouble,” but was unable to generate much attention and was cut from the label.

After being let go from the label, McKee struggled with life as a teenager in Hollywood. She spent years trapped in her party lifestyle and eventually had to overcome a drug addiction problem. Though she did go through a dark period during her struggle with rejection, she proclaims, “I thought about going home sometimes, I was so miserable, but I made it work. I fought my way through it and I’m a better writer for it.”

With all of the success that she has had with her writing, she did have difficulty giving up a few songs that she had hoped to keep for herself. When speaking about giving “Teenage Dream” to Katy Perry, she explains, “I had teenage-themed songs on my first album… so it meant a lot to me. But maybe it wouldn’t have been a hit if I’d kept it. It ended up being with the right person, and Katy had a lot to do with that song, too.” She also spoke of another hit song she gave to Perry, “Last Friday Night,” which came from McKee’s own experience.

Finally ready to break out on her own,  McKee released her first single, “American Girl,” from her second album which will be released next spring. The song was written about her experience as an American teen. In order to hold her fans over until the spring, McKee released the “Sleepwalker” music video that she calls her “inbetweengle” as the song isn’t her second single. The video received great success within its first week without any promotion.

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