The Return


(from Billboard Magazine, November 9,2013) Lyor Cohen has been away from the music scene since he left his job at Warner. Now he is back with a brand new idea for the music industry. Cohen is going to start his own music company by the name of “300.” Cohen co-founded 300 with two of his long time music partners:  Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles. The name of their new company is supposed to reflect the battle of the 300 Spartans. Cohen said that “these guys [The Spartans] found that if you were well synchronized, strategic, loyal, with great planning and preparedness, you could do much more with less and be highly efficient.”  Cohen, Moscowitz, and Liles are going to take that same philosophy and apply it to the music business.

Cohen wants to take a leaner and more date driven approach with 300. He said that the approach will be to make an indie label with large distribution.  For the past year Cohen has taken it upon himself to learn as much as he can about the digital platforms for music. Through this exploration he found out that sites like YouTube and Spotify have vast quantities of information about their listeners, and Cohen is going to try to use that to his advantage. Cohen’s 300 will use an approach known as “geo-targeting.”  Cohen described this as, “Where you find out where an artist is extremely hot and via these services build out from a given market rather than waste marketing spend nationally.” The new company already has a lot of support from investors such as Google and the investment firm Columbus Nova, and Cohen is looking to continue towards the goal of being highly efficient.