Sleep No More

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(from Billboard Magazine, November 9, 2013)  Aloe Blacc – a California songwriter/musician – sings in and co-wrote the Avicii’s single “Wake Me Up!” that has become one of the biggest hits of the year. Earlier in his career, Blacc was part of a hip-hop duo, Emanon, that has been releasing music independently since the late ‘90s, but “Wake Me Up!” has become quite a success. Blacc has “unlocked the doors” to new opportunities. The song has touched many fans as Blacc concludes, “Almost all of the response I see from fans refers to specific lyrics…If you’re young, it’s a feeling of freedom and living your dream. If you’re older, it’s a feeling of nostalgia. Lyrically I hit the nail on the head in a way that works for [everyone].” Blacc’s first two solo albums – Shine Through (2006) and Good Things (2010) – picked up a sizeable European fan base.  Blacc explains, “In the U.S. we didn’t have the money to engage radio, television and media in a way that could compete…but in Europe, I was on TV and in magazines all the time.” The buzz made its way back to the U.S. when Blacc’s single “I Need a Dollar” (Good Things) was the introduction music for HBO’s “How to Make It in America.”

Larry Jackson, Executive VP of A&R at Interscope Records, wanted to focus on Blacc’s Interscope debut, “Lift Your Spirit,” which was released in Germany – Blacc’s largest market – on October 25 and will debut in most other countries in January. Blacc is returning to more of his R&B-based roots with “Lift Your Spirit” which has a variety of sounds including songs with soul, songs full of energy and songs that “sonically have the fidelity of Dr. Dre.”  Jackson expresses his belief in Blacc saying, “There’s a clear distinction between someone who is here for the moment versus someone who will be here for a while.” This strong sense of longevity speaks truth to Blacc himself as he states that, “My hope is that people will take their experience with “Wake Me Up,” put that in their back pocket and say, ‘I’m going to look out for the next thing Alec Blacc does.’”