New Name for Greenville Arena

(from Venues Today, November 26, 2013)  The Bi-Lo Center arena in Greenville, South Carolina, is getting a new name after 15 years. The new name will be the Bon Sectors Wellness Arena at the cost of a cool $4.5 million dollar deal over 10 years. Bon Sectors Heath System, sponsored by Bon Sectors Health Ministries, is a not-for-profit Catholic health system. The arena’s Assistant General Manager, Beth Paul, stated, “Bon Secours is focused on family and health, so for us as an arena in the middle of a community where people can come and enjoy themselves, spend time with their family and enjoy educational and cultural opportunities, it’s a great fit.”

This negotiation process did not come about so easily though. During the thirteenth year out of a contracted fifteen of the previous naming right’s owner, an exclusive negotiation process began to take place. When a deal with the grocery store chain could not be made, other sponsors were sought out. Bon Secours was the front runner of ten other considered companies.

Even after Bon Secours was announced the front runner, the deal wasn’t totally done. Keeping in mind Bon Secours Health Ministeries is based on Catholic values, it was imperative there was a “Scandal Clause” included in their contract. Seeing as the arena is a publicly owned facility, there are not many events it can legally refuse to allow. This includes possible pro-rights conventions, protests, and certain controversial concerts such as shows featuring artists like former Disney star Miley Cyrus or Ozzy Osborne which do not coincide with traditional Catholic beliefs. Naming rights are known to be a great marketing tool as well as a way to represent a company. This “Scandal Clause” clarifies that Bon Secours Heath Systems does not have the right to veto or demand what shows and events take place in the arena, but it ensures a process to warn the company of anything scandalous that may occur so their public relations team can be prepared.