December 5, 2013

Apron Ads Proving a Difficult Sell for NBA Teams in Initial Year


(Sports Business Journal, November 25, 2013)  When dealing with any relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee, one thing remains constant; the franchisee always wants more inventory to sell.  This can be seen between the frequent push-pull of NBA teams and the league.  Once the NBA’s attempt to sell advertising on players’ jerseys fell through, […]

November 14, 2013

Fox Sports Will Sell for Big East

Fox Sports Logo

(Sports Business Journal, November 11, 2013)  Fox Sports has recently inked a two-year deal with the Big East conference to sell and market all corporate sponsorship throughout the Big East.  This deal was made only days before the Big East kicked off the beginning of a 12-year, $600 million deal with Fox Sports as their […]

October 31, 2013

Samsung Near Deal With NBA

Samsung Logo

(Sports Business Journal, October 28, 2013)  Samsung has been working to make a major sponsorship deal with the National Basketball Association (NBA) that will include smartphones, tablets, televisions, and blue-ray player rights across the company line.  As the NBA season opener approaches, so does the completion of this sponsorship deal.   The United States, Canada, and […]

October 17, 2013

Change in NFL Revenue Sharing?

NFL Logo

(Sports Business Journal, October 14, 2013) The revenue sharing amongst NFL teams that has helped many of the lower-profit teams stay afloat is now likely coming to an end.  In the early 1990s the NFL developed a Supplemental Revenue Sharing (SRS) plan  to help the weaker, lower-revenue teams be able to fund a competitive team.  It has […]

October 3, 2013

In-game Locker Room Video Still Rare Around NFL

NFL Locker Room.

( from Sports Business Journal, September 30, 2013) The National Football League (NFL) has recently made it a requirement for all 32 teams to have locker room cameras during halftime and other points during the game.  The NFL has done this because they believe it will enhance the stadium experience for the fans that come […]

September 19, 2013

Pac-12 Venues to get AT&T Wireless Boost

"Washington Huskies Stadium adds Wi-Fi during renovations."

(from Sports Business Journal, September 16, 2013) The Pac-12 conference has recently made a deal to become the first major college conference to provide all football stadiums and basketball arenas with full wireless capabilities.  This is a huge step for the Pac-12 and AT&T as it will provide U-verse presence for the Pac-12 networks, as well […]