December 6, 2012

Discovery: The Key To Digital Fortune

Future Sound

(from Billboard Magazine, December 1, 2012) Becoming discovered for artists today is a much more daunting task than years ago. There are numerous digital platforms that keep artists fighting and doing everything they can to make it to the top. For over 10 years now, the digital world has used different methods to try and […]

October 17, 2012

Business Matters: Sirius XM Raises Forecast for Subscriber Growth

Sirius XM Radio finds growth.

(from Billboard Magazine, October 15, 2012) Growing popularity for satellite radio is expanding the customer base for stations looking to build and retain more profits. For the third time this year, Sirius XM radio has raised the forecast for new subscribers after a third quarter boom of 2.01 million new subscribers since the same point last […]

October 4, 2012

Spotify Now Paying SoundExchange for Mobile Radio Streams in U.S, Lowers Royalty Bill

Spotify changes royalty payouts

                    (from Billboard Magazine, September 24, 2012) The web-based, free Internet service, Spotify, is now paying royalties to SoundExchange under a new statutory license. Since Spotify is an online service, they don’t have to pay royalties as an on-demand radio service such as Pandora. On-demand radio services […]