November 21, 2013

Legacy Agency Launching Baseball Expo

The Legacy Agency prepares to host a baseball expo this Spring Training

(from Sports Business Journal, November 11, 2013)  The Major League Baseball season is one of the longest seasons in sports. The 162-game season takes place from April through September with a month of Spring Training in March and playoffs in October. There isn’t very much going on during baseball’s six-month off-season, unlike other sports. Basketball […]

November 7, 2013

Olympic Countdown: Tough Sledding for Sochi Organizers

Sochi Olympic Park on coast of Black Sea

(From USA Today, October 29, 2013) With the 2014 Winter Olympic Games fewer than 100 days away, Sochi, Russia is faced with a number of questions. Security is one challenge at the top of Sochi officials’ list. A week ago, a suicide bomber killed six and wounded two dozen more in a Russian city in […]

October 9, 2013

World of Activation: NBA Sees Sponsor Activity Pick Up as Scope of Global Games Expand

NBA Global Games stop in Manila, Philippines

(From Sports Business Journal September 30, 2013) Each year during the preseason, several NBA teams travel around the world to showcase some of the best players in the world. A couple of cities teams have traveled to in previous years include Istanbul, Turkey and Beijing, China.  This season, the NBA is sending teams to new […]

September 12, 2013

Sports Make Their Cases for Return to Games

The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing

(from Sports Business Journal, September 2, 2013) The Olympic Games will soon be adding a sport to the lineup.  On September 8, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will vote on which sport will be brought back to the games. The sports in the running are wrestling, baseball/softball, and squash. The vote will also include degrees […]