April 4, 2013

Visa Extending World Cup Deal for Eight Years

Visa Signage behind goal during World Cup games

                    (from Sports Business Journal, April 1, 2013) Since 2007 the World Cup has been tied to Visa as a FIFA sponsor, a tradition that will continue well into the next decade due to an eight-year sponsorship extension for the World Cup which is valued at […]

February 14, 2013

Canadians Join All-Access Crowd with “24CH”


(from Sports Business Journal, February 4-10, 2013) All-Access, words that every fan wants to hear when speaking about their favorite sport. For some it might be a locker room meet and greet or an autograph signing during the post-game. However, for fans of the Montreal Canadiens all-access means tuning into a new set of television shows. […]

November 29, 2012

Fan Ejections from NFL Games on the Rise

Oakland Raiders fans accounted for 2400 of the 7000 stadium ejections last season.

(from Sports Business Journal, November 19, 2012)  In the world of football there are many reasons that people love the game. For some it’s the players and the plays created by greatness, and some enjoy the game from home and make it an opportunity to gather great friends and great food. For others, however, it’s […]

November 8, 2012

NFL Franchises Talking to London Mayor Boris Johnson about Olympic Stadium

NFL looks at Olympic Stadium for over seas expansion

                    (from the Sports Business Journal, November 1, 2012)  In the world of sports there are some organizations that reign supreme. In the United States sports are a way of life for most and the NFL especially holds a place as a sacred Sunday tradition. What about the […]

October 25, 2012

It’s Showdown Time as NBC Universal Enters Negotiations to Extend Carriage Deals

NBC Universal to negotiate carriage deals

(from Sports Business Journal, October 15-21, 2012)  Technology and sports are two things that go hand in hand today. Fans get their sports information from all over: mobile devices, social media, and internet. Mostly, however, people still get their fill of the game from television and TV channels. Just as any other area of sports […]

September 13, 2012

NFL Ties Road Races to Start of Season


(from Sports Business Journal, September 3-9, 2012)   With the onset of football season, teams and organizations surrounding the NFL are looking for the opportunity to expand their fan base. This year the NFL has decided to team up with Competitor Group, the largest U.S. racing company, to create a league wide series of running events […]