November 14, 2013

Study Finds Music Fans More Favorable to Brands Involved in Streaming and Concerts

T.I. Performs A One Night Only Show for AXE Music in New York City

(From Billboard Magazine, November 6, 2013) According to a recent study, fans of music and live entertainment are more favorable of the brands that are involved in concerts and streaming music services. Streaming services and live events provide brands with an opportunity to engage fans in the awareness of their company. These conclusions are the result […]

October 17, 2013

What the Heck Happened to Track Sales?


(From Billboard Magazine, October 11, 2013) Last week, individual track sales in the United States hit the lowest weekly total of 2013. A total of 19.8 million units were sold, 15% lower than the same week in 2012. To put it into perspective, normal weekly track sales in 2013 have been around 25 million and broke 28 […]

September 19, 2013

Live and Not Near You: The Streamed Concert

Streaming Music

(From USA Today, September 13, 2013) With the improvement of technology, the way live music fans enjoy concerts could be changing. “Streaming concerts are suddenly everywhere, in all shapes and sizes,” says Paul Resnikoff, the founder of CA-based Digital Music News, a source for industry information. “And the quality is approaching HD (high definition) ‘amazing.’ […]