September 26, 2013

Vikings Support Christian Ponder, but Coach Says He Must “Suck it Up”

Christian Ponder

(from USA Today, September 24, 2013) With the Minnesota Vikings team record at 0-3, the fans are looking for someone to blame. That blame is going on the Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder. Although the coach, Craig Johnson, does not think fans should be loudly calling for a change, he also states that Ponder should suck […]

April 11, 2013

Vikes Find Many Food-Deal Contenders Already in Twin Cities


                    (from Sports Business Journal, April 8, 2013) There is tough competition right now in the concession world. The Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium is looking for a new concession company. As big league concessionaires prepare responses to the proposal, consider that the Big Four in sports […]

March 27, 2013

Owner in a Hurry

Fans cheering for the Browns

(from Sports Business Journal, March 18, 2013) Jimmy Haslam agreed to buy the Browns in August, which meant having to step down as Pilot CEO and hiring John Compton, a former PepsiCo President, as his replacement. Last month, Haslam decided to return to Pilot and become the CEO again, which sparked some concern in Ohio. […]

February 20, 2013

Dolphins Working on Tech Upgrades for Sun Life Stadium


(from SportsBusinessJournal, February 18, 2013) Six years ago, the Dolphins became one of the first big league teams to install a Cisco’s StadiumVision IPTV concourse display and voice messaging platform to their 75,450 seat stadium. However, that system is now outdated and the Miami Dolphins are updating their technology for their Sun Life Stadium, focusing […]