October 31, 2013

David Cook’s Move to Nashville Leads to ‘Eclectic’ New EP


(from Billboard Magazine, October 24, 2013) American Idol’s former champ David Cook says that he feels like it was forever ago since his victory on the show. He does not deny that the popular reality TV talent show was an amazing platform for him. Even though he has changed as an artist since he won […]

October 17, 2013

Breaking Band: How an NYU Class are Trying to Make Australia’s Tigertown Rock Stars


(from Billboard Magazine, October 14, 2013) The music business students of Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development located in New York have a very chaotic semester ahead of them as they work with an Australian band called Tigertown and help them break into the music industry. This is the first time that Village Records […]

September 19, 2013

New Pandora CEO Faces Royalty Fight with Artists

Pandora renegotiating royalty rights with artists.

(from Billboard Magazine, September 12, 2013) As Pandora begins negotiations of royalty rights in January, this will be one of the major challenges that the company will face. Brian McAndrews, the new CEO of Pandora, will be under a lot of pressure; although he is confident that Pandora is “prepared and will do the right thing.” […]