May 2, 2013

Budget Forces Adjustments on Vikings Project


(from Sports Business Journal, April 28, 2013) Not only is the Minnesota Vikings facing public financing issues, but they are also facing a fixed budget of $690 million to build a 65,454 seat facility. In mid-February Mortenson, the Twin Cities contractor, estimated the Vikings estimate for construction $100 million dollars more than the fixed budget. […]

April 4, 2013

How College Brands Can Lose Their Way Amid March Madness

Notre Dame

(from Sports Business Journal, March 31, 2013) College school brands have always been a topic of discussion between the college‚Äôs presidents, athletic directors, and basketball coaches. With the business of college having higher operating costs than ever before and high competition for tuition dollars, they need to put brand management as a high priority. There […]

February 28, 2013

Assessing the Impact of the NHL Lockout on Fans, Sponsors


(from Sports Business Journal, February 19, 2013) The National Hockey League is underway, however, two months ago it looked as if there was not going to be a 2013 NHL season. It looked as if there was going to be a second cancelled season for players, sponsors, and fans. Commissioner, Gary Bettman, apologized for the […]