November 15, 2012

Crystal Castles Bottle ‘Severe Melancholy’ in Third Album

Crystal Castles Primed to Drop Third Album

(from Billboard Magazine, November 13, 2012)  The electronic duo Crystal Castles is primed to release their third album entitled “(III).” Crystal Castles is often linked to a genre of music known as EDM, Electronic Dance Music, but the recording style and promotion for this album is much different. The band is comprised of the Toronto natives’ producer Ethan […]

September 20, 2012

Alt-J Ready for U.S. Debut With ‘An Awesome Wave’

European Sensation Alt-J hits the United States With 'An Awesome Wave'

(from Billboard Magazine, September 15, 2012) Alt-J is a name that you may not have heard before, but you will in days to come. The British indie pop band has been enjoying great success with their first album “An Awesome Wave.”  The album has hit it big in Europe with Alt-J being hailed as having […]