May 9, 2013

Kenny Chesney Logs Lucky Seventh No. 1 Album on Billboard 200

Kenny Chesney Album Cover

(from, May 8, 2013) With the release of his 10th album, country superstar, Kenny Chesney, has reached a number one album for the seventh time. The album, which released on April 30, is titled Life On A Rock, and the first single is titled “Pirate Flag.” The album sold 153,000 copies in its first […]

April 25, 2013

AEG Comes Off The Block

AEG World Logo

(from Billboard Magazine, April 30, 2013) In September 2012, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) was put up for sale with a price of $8 billion. AEG is the global sports, and entertainment, and venue conglomerate that is owned by Denver billionaire, Philip Anschutz. Philip has a portfolio of live venues on five different continents, including the […]

April 11, 2013

A Great ‘Experience’

Justin Timberlake

(from Billboard Magazine, April 6, 2013) After a seven year album break, Justin Timberlake came back just as strong as before, proving he’s still got it. Justin released The 20/20 Experience┬áthis past week and since then the sales have been incredible, giving a big boost in the music industry. In the albums debut week, iTunes […]

March 7, 2013

Warner Gets The Shakes


(from Billboard Magazine, March 9, 2013) Warner Bro’s record label has been known for being a rock label, but recently they have made a shift to new types of music. The label has taken over two of the hottest hits, one hip-hop and one a dance track, which are Harlem Shake and Thrift Shop. Diplo’s […]

December 6, 2012

New ‘Dawn’ Breaks

Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack cover

(from Billboard Magazine, December 1, 2012) Not only are the Twilight Saga movies breaking records, but the soundtracks to the movies are doing just as well. Hardcore fans really do care just as much about the music as they do the movies and books. Since the first Twilight movie, Atlantic Records has released the soundtrack […]

November 15, 2012

Rhapsody Adopts Music App Strategy


(from Billboard Magazine, November 17, 2012) With new music services such as Spotify and iHeart Radio, Rhapsody has seen its better days in popularity. Rhapsody is an on-demand streaming service that is in the process of reinventing itself to start making money again. The music service will begin dropping song download sales and advertising to […]

November 1, 2012

Why Xbox Music Needs to Work

Xbox Music

(from Billboard Magazine, October 27, 2012) Last year, Microsoft faced an important question of what to do with its music service, Zune. Since the service was failing, the company had to either cancel it and become a technology platform for other music services like Spotify or Pandora, or make a huge investment to redesign and […]